What's It Gonna Be? 800 Babies

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 4 – 800 Babies

What’s It Gonna Be returns with Episode 4 – 800 Babies.

What's It Gonna Be? 800 Babies
What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 4: 800 Babies

Our introduction comes from the late Maya Angelou who talks about the impact of the death of her childhood abuser had on her.

Some of the highlights from this episode:

We mention Solar Roadways. It seems pretty damn cool.  Then there was the article saying it’s a terrible idea.

When we get into talking about the latest atrocity from Tuam, Neal read’s from this article  on Irish Central.

Our first musical interlude is Big Black’s Jordan, Minnesota. You can read the harrowing story that inspired the song here.

The World That Never Was by Alex Butterworth is the book that mentions the telepathic snails.  My Tank Is Fight is the SA Goon book that also got mentioned.

Here’s the startrek.com article on the episode “Darmok” - Sokath, his eyes uncovered!

Our second musical break is Rage Against The Machine’s Born As Ghosts.

In our discussion about the education system, this RSA Animations video based on a lecture given by Sir Ken Robinson is the one Dav was talking about.

The International – DOTA2′s annual event. m prize pool and counting…

You have to watch Time Trumpet and 15 Storeys High.

Article about Brian Harvey running himself over (sorry about linking to the Daily Fail).

We wrap up the cast with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) taken from the film The Wall


The PC has been completed

Spec List:

  • ASRock Z68 Extreme4
  • Intel Core i5 2500k (running at stock)
  • Thermalright Extreme 120
  • 8 GB Kingston Hyper X Ram
  • 2 X Sapphire Radeon 6950 1GB graphics in Crossfire
  • Asus Xonar D2X soundcard
  • 480 GB Crucial M500 SSD (OS + App drive)
  • 2 X Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB
  • Western Digital Green 2TB
  • Western Digital 500GB
  • Seasonic M12 700 PSU
  • Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

The Graphics cards are showing their age a bit and Titanfall has massive issues with things in Crossfire.  I’m dying to get stuck into Battlefield 4 tonight as SSD’s and Windows 8 are supposed to give a nice performance boost.

Now, some pics…

PC Upgrades

Any time you get to upgrade your tech is a good time!

I was holding off for the longest time on getting a Solid State Disk.  Mostly price was preventing me committing to it – I didn’t want a small drive so was aiming for around the 500GB mark.

This week a 480GB Crucial M500 arrived and only cost me €200.14 so thank you very much!  Last time I was seriously looking at one, they were €300 and that was only a few months ago.

I’ve also got a copy of Windows 8.1 to install too, so it’ll be a clean slate for the PC.

This weekend will see a transplant of all parts into the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 I purchased ages ago (I had intended a much faster upgrade path, but life got in the way).

Pics will follow :)


I’ve been neglecting you my blog.  Quick post to share my Last.fm profile so anyone who’s interested can see what it is I’m listening to and maybe pick up some recommendations.  I’ve also stuck a Last.fm widget on to the menu there on the right so you should see the last few things I’ve been listening to.

Thoughts on the Titanfall Beta

Like a lot of people, I spent the weekend playing the Titanfall beta. My first impressions are that it’s a really good game.

So what makes it so?

Well it’s got that “pick up and play” friendliness that CoD does so well.   Not surprising of course given the people making it are the people who brought us CoD (some time ago, these people worked for Infinity Ward, had a big bust up with Activision, then left to start their own studio called Respawn who make Titanfall).

I wrote this on Boards about it:

A shotgun is very, very blappy and will usually take everyone out with a decent player who’s patient enough to wait for that moment to pull the trigger.

The carbine is solid too, I’m a bigger fan of the SMG myself but I tend to be in these sorts of games. You won’t do well if you’re just spraying bullets everywhere though with it, so it’s not like you’re just pissing bullets out for an easy kill.

The smart pistol is grand, but now that I’m up a few levels, and I’m guessing the game’s matchmaking is based on this as all the people I play against seem to be a minimum of 9 or 10 (I’m now 14), no one seems to be using it, so maybe it’s already been relegated to noob tube status. I think it’s an interesting weapon to have put in though and I’m curious to see what more comes from it.

Hit detection seems to be really good, so I’ve never felt like I’ve been “cheated” of a kill or that I’ve been unfairly taken out.

There’s a definite skill to be learned about how to fight in titans. Never try a 1 on 1 if you’re damaged, you’re better off backing off and finding a friendly Titan buddy. 2 on 1 is where it’s at, 3 on 1 is just messy 

Someone mentioned the AI were kinda like creeps in MOBAs and that’s a perfect description. They’re there to help you speed up your titan’s activation and some of the weapon unlocks and “challenges” are tied to killing certain creep types (grunts are humans and spectres are robots). They should provide you no challenge except when an enemy pilot appears whilst you’re reloading after catching a pile of them coming out of a drop pod 

I don’t think it unfair to suggest that if you enjoy CoD, you’re probably going to enjoy this. It’s very accessible, it’s very fun for “pick up and play” in exactly the same way I always thought CoD was (and I don’t mean to suggest that there’s no complexity to high level CoD, but it’s a very “casual” friendly game). There are definitely some comparisons to be drawn with Tribes Ascend too in terms of how the movement is, but Brink is probably the closest example for that. It takes some adjusting to get into it, but you can see that someone who’s competent with the jumping and wall running etc will out-class someone who isn’t in a 1v1.

This game won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s got a broad appeal and it does what it does very well. It should sell well and for XBone owners, you probably won’t see a better “arcade” shooter for some time.

I can definitely see myself playing quite a bit of this when it comes out. If anyone’s on the fence, I can only urge you to get in on the beta to help you make up your mind.

Rather than retyping my thoughts which haven’t really changed in the 2 days since I wrote this piece.  Generally, the responses I’ve seen to the game have been very positive.  Activision/Infinity Ward (what’s left of them)/Treyarch will undoubtedly be worrying.  CoD Ghosts was simply put appalling.  I was fortunate enough to receive a gift copy from a friend who works in Demonware and I’m glad I didn’t pay for it.  It was (and still is afaik) completely broken.  It’s been universally panned by die hard CoD fans and I think it shows that the real talent left IW when Zampella and West were fired (details here in a good write up by Euro Gamer).

I’m looking forward to the final release, based on what I’ve played with the Beta, it’s going to be a fun game.

Small victories

I’ve been told to make more of small victories as they all add up.  Well this morning I had something of a minor victory in that I was successful in getting out of bed on time .

That will seem really strange to most of you I’m sure, but getting out of bed is the hardest thing I do every day.  I suffer and struggle with depression on a daily basis and this first battle of the day usually determines how the rest of the day goes.

Today I won. I hope I do tomorrow too, but I can never say for certain.

Miotal trom

Heavy Metal has saved my life on many occasions.

No, really!

It game me a tribe to belong to when I was in danger of packing it all in because I was miserable.

I have a collection of incredible friends for the last 15+ years and our shared love for metal brought us together.  Being “outcasts” in a very “normal” place like Castlebar kept us together.  We suffered from that snide condescension that far too many early 20-somethings do, which meant we knew that we were by far and away the superiors of all the people around us because we understood and loved something they didn’t and never would.  The open hostility shown to us by your standard issue Mayo red-neck citizen because we dared to have long hair or dress differently only re-enforced this of course.

But for me it’s a big help with mood management.  If I’m angry (and I used to be an extremely angry young man), I listen to angry music and feel the anger along with it.  When the song ends, I almost always feel better.  When an entire album ends, I definitely feel much better.  Slayer were a particular favourite of mine (the first ever proper metal gig I went to was Slayer in the SFX on their Diablos In Musica tour in July 2000), Pantera and Sepultura also helped – early Thrash basically.  As time went on, I started to include Death Metal bands like Deicide, Dying Fetus and Decapitated (no, I don’t know why they all start with a D either).  Lately I’ve been including stuff like Ministry, Meshuggah and Mastodon (looks like I’m trapped in an alliteration loop).

Mostly I listen to Doom Metal – take all the negativity and terrible things in the world and make it into musical form and that’s Doom.  Think Black Sabbath, except much, much slower and much, much heavier.  Nothing hits the spot like some Electric Wizard or Yob or Slomatics when your mood is at rock bottom.  Living your mood vicariously though the music has gotten me out of so many dark and dreary holes that I can’t even begin to count how often I’ve needed it.

Then there are the days when you’re mood is good and you just want to listen to excellent music.  Those are the days that we give aside to Gojira, Coffinworm, Deftones, Mael Mórdha or Cthulhu knows what else.  My Last.fm profile is here, it’ll tell you everything you need to know.

So if someone you know that’s older than 16 is listening to angry, shouty music, or indeed deathly slow and fear inducing  dirges, maybe it’s because they’ve got some serious problems and it helps, but mostly it means they have impeccable taste :p